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Why do you fail in relationships?

Why do you fail in relationships?

Why do you fail in relationships?

Relationships in the life of a human are very important and it is significant that one should always be ready for making compromises and sacrifice their happiness where it is needed. If we talk about the relationship of love then this is one of the weakest from all because it needs the efforts of both the individuals. If one of them is not prepared for making any kind of efforts and compromises then anticipating the successful association is not probable. Without efforts no relationship can sustain mainly when it is between the husband/ wife or girlfriend/boyfriend. When a relationship goes through the phase of failure then it is not the mistake of one person only as both are equally accountable but possibility is there that because of one person the other partner has to take the decision. The relationship of love is very weak if you hold it tightly then also you will fail and if you will not handle it tightly then also you will lose. It is important for you to know that it is something which needs the balance between them as without these you will only fail. It is seen that when people fail in relations they most of the times tend to give an explanation that it was the mistake of their partner and they are not accountable at all. One of the partners will also reflect that they were so devoted, loyal and trustworthy but then there is always three sides of the story and it is significant to know that. If you are one of the individuals who are constantly failing in the relationships then it is not because of the partner because of you. You should try to know the reasons so that you can know them and don’t repeat them again in the future relationships. To make you comprehend in a proficient manner I am giving you the list of probable reasons that why are you failing in relationships:

Trust issues

I guess we all know are aware that trust is the foundation of any relationship and if it is not there then expecting that the relationship will stay for the longer period of time. You are failing in the relationships because you have trust issues. This is something which irritates your partner and you should know that every individual has their own life and they can enjoy the way they want. You should let them be if you will keep interfering and asking questions about their regular activities then naturally they would feel it is better to move on. No one would prefer being in the relationship where there is trust issues. You should trust your partner and should make them believe that you trust him or her entirely.

Your love is spiritual than physical

It is good that there is so much of purity in your relationship but when it completely turns out to be the spiritual one than the physical then it becomes the reason of failure. You should know that every human has their physical needs not matter what the gender is. So, you should understand it and must work on this factor so that you don’t face the similar issues in the future relationships. It is seen that people move out of the relationships because their physical needs are not being fulfilled by their partners. If you think that it is the fault of your partner then you are wrong and it is something for which you cannot judge them. There is nothing wrong at all with this. If you will keep on doing the same mistake again in the future then you will not be able to experience successful relationships in life. You really need to work on this one.