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What do girls like to hear

What do girls like to hear

What do girls like to hear

When you are talking about impressing a girl and making her feel good when she is with you. As it is very difficult to understand a girl or a women knowing what they want, want they feel, and what they expect is difficult. Every girl want that some guy make her feel special and they want everyone should notice her. But it is very difficult thing to feel what a girl needs in her life. What exactly she wanted to hear in her life. Why she has mood swings so fast and why she want everyone to love her and respect her. It honestly depend on girl to girl that why she behaves like that and what she loves more and what she expect.

Every girl want many things to hear from guys, friends and boyfriend. Some of the tips about girls behaviour, mood swings and what she want in her life are mentioned below by which you will be able to understand girl’s feelings and thoughts easily.

She want that everyone should feel that she is smart:

Every girl want that a guy should feel that her girl is smart and sexy. She should know how to impress guys easily. And she should be modern and extra smart enough to challenge the world foot by foot. If she realise that guys are feeling her smart and sexy than she will be happy and confident every time you met her.

You have to admire her for her beauty:

If you want really to impress a girl then you should surely admire her for her beauty. Every girl want that guy should admire and praise her when she is outside for outing and in some group. She want to get some special attention and respect from his guy and almost from everyone. If you assure her that she is beautiful and you respect her and love her beauty then you will get her attention and she may be with you for fun and romance too.

You have to admire her for her beautiful outlook:

If you admire and praise girl for her beauty and you are happy with her to make her feel comfortable and confident with you then she will surely like your presence and she will look to get intention from your side. You have to admire her for her beautiful outlook and this is the time you have to get romantic with you and you have to make count every opportunity to impress her to get her in your life.

Tell her that she hold the most priority in your life:

You have to show to her that she gain the most priority in your life and no one is important then her.You are dedicated towards her presence and you are also committed towards her. If she would have realised that you are most important person of her life than all job is done and you will get her surely in your life.

She is unique and special in your life:

Tell her that she is unique and hold special position in your life and no other girl is there in his life too. Tell her that you like her beauty, nature and looks. And you can’t even think a life or single day without her anytime anywhere in whole universe.

You have to show her that you care and respect for her now:

If you will be succeeded in showing your love, affection and care towards her than you are surely going to get her in your life. And if she agrees to be with you for near future than it will be a win for you. All you have to do is keep on trying to show you love and care towards her again and again. You have to show her that you care and respect for her from the very first day you met to her.

You have to tell her that she is more beautiful from heart than anything else:

If she will realise that you love her nature and heart than she will surely start to love you more than she used to do. You have to gain her respect and this is very important thing to gain girl’s attention, affection and love. You have to tell her that she is more beautiful from heart than rest of physical body.

You have to tell that you love her company:

You have to tell her that you just love her company and you love to spend time with her more and more from the day you first met her. So a simple answer to a big question “What do girls like to hear, Many things a girl want to hear from her buddy?” is just give her importance, admire her more, make her feel comfortable with you and try to impress her and spend time with her.
Also make her feel happy and make her feel relaxed and confident when you are with her. So if you follow these simple tips you will be able to get your girl in very less time and you will be able to understand her feeling much quicker than you will feel so.

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