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Ways to tell if your boyfriend is planning to dump you

Ways to tell if your boyfriend is planning to dump you

Ways to tell if your boyfriend is planning to dump you

Fairy tales and happy endings in the relationships can only be believed when you actually find your soul mate but before that all of the things like flings are something which just helps you in growing as a person. You need to understand getting into the real relationships and getting into the relationships because every second person has someone in their life. There is no denying of the fact that maintaining the relationship is very tough and if it is handled efficiently then no one in this world can try to break it except you two. Relationships are based on the understanding, love and care if all of these aspects are missing then you cannot anticipate that it is going to last forever. There is the requirement of effort, commitment, courage and acceptance in the relationship only then you can expect that the relationship is going to work. When relationship is not working then there are certain obvious signs which need to be identified so that either the partners can move out or work on the relationship. If you are in a relationship and you feel that your guy is falling out of love or maybe can dump you but you are not sure then you should put your focus on noticing certain signs that can help you in understanding that he is going to dump you. Here is the list of ways which are beneficial in the improved comprehension of the aspect:

You both don’t spend time together

This is like a warning because it is the clear indication that he has started losing interest in you. There was a time when you used to spend a lot of time together if you can remember that. But now is the time, when you cannot even memorize the time when he had spent a good time with you. You would notice that he doesn’t feel any sort if interest in spending time with you. He makes excuses whenever you ask him to go out with you. Hence, this is one of the ways which indicates that he is going to dump you.

You Don't Talk About a Future Together Anymore

If you used to share ideas and plans for the future, but have since stopped for no apparent reason, it could very well be because his future plans have changed to not have you in them. Try asking him about what he wants to do in his future and see what he says.

No physical intimacy

This is another way that is the reflection that he is going to dump you. We all know that physical intimacy is very important in the relationship because if it is not there then the working of relationship in an efficient manner cannot be anticipated at all. If he has started maintaining distance in regards to physical intimacy then it is for sure that he has lost interest in you. You need to notice the sign so that you don’t feel more hurt once he initiates this thing or in fact you should do this before he does.

He doesn’t tell you things

This is when he meets new people, take up new hobbies, or develop new interests without telling you about them. As a couple, those are things you would normally know about one another. If you are missing out on the new developments in his life, it's because he sees no reason for you to know. He will be excited more to tell his friends and family, but you're not as trustworthy or important to him.

He is Moody and Short-Tempered

This means he no longer feels the need to impress you or anyone you know. He picks fights with you, your family, and your friends just to make sure that there aren't any attachments to any of them after he breaks up with you.