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Surprising my beautiful husband on his birthday

Surprising my beautiful husband on his birthday

Surprising my beautiful husband on his birthday

My husband Neil was going to be 37 years old the next coming Saturday and I wanted to give him a gift which he never forgets in his whole life. I was wondering what could excite my husband after 10 years of our marriage. He is no more interested in going out with me. Not a thing will make him happy if I buy it for him. So what should I do. It's been three days that I was thinking about his birthday but I had not decided anything yet.

I got an idea and thought about it for more than 100 times. It suited my husband's needs. Me and my husband were never physically compatible and this thing was eating up our relationship like termites. Let me tell you something about my husband. He is smart, tall and good looking guy. Despite having such a big difference between us he never cheated on me and is super loyal to me. He respects me and our relation too.

I have talked to him many times that if he wants he can have an extra marital affair but he denies because according to him this would ruin our relation and he don't want to get separated from me. He loves me a lot and cares for me like every caring husband. I wish we could be sexually attracted too to each other so that he could enjoy what other men are enjoying at this age. Never mind, I have decided to give him a special birthday gift on his birthday and I hope he accepts it.

It is his birthday today and all his friends are in the house. We have ordered some snacks for guests along with some booze. After cutting the beautiful cake everybody started wishing him and showing their love through gifts one by one. My husband was expecting me to too to give him a gift but I was barehanded. He gave me a strange look for a second in a funny way. So after all the gifts everybody started enjoying the food and snacks. We have a very good surround music system at our home so the music was covering all the parts of the home. We all started dancing and enjoying and it was quite happening moment for all. The birthday celebration was going superb and my husband seemed to be very happy at that moment. After getting exhausted for almost 2 hours of dancing one by one everybody started leaving. When all the guests were gone we started cleaning all the mess just a little bit. Then suddenly the door bell rang and I asked my husband to open the door. He went out and opened the door. There was a beautiful and stunningly hot girl in a very short dress with a gift wishing my husband happy birthday. My husband did not know who was that girl. He just asked her to come in and the girl (shanaya) gave the gift to my husband and hugged him. I came and introduced my husband to Shanaya and told him that she is my childhood friend. My husband asked her why didn't she came before the party ended. She said that she got stuck somewhere otherwise she would have came earlier. I just went to the kitchen to prepare something for her and in the meanwhile she came closer to my husband and started touching him. He did not know what to do and just resisted with a smile but Shanaya kept pushing him by touching him. My husband felt his little one rising and Shanaya just grabbed it by her hand and started kissing my husband. I came after some time and they both were sitting in a distance. After having snacks and a chit chat I said that I am going to sleep now upstairs and went to sleep. My husband knew that once I sleep I only wake up in the morning. After I went upstairs Shanaya again came closer to my husband and said that I am going to make you mine today as you are so handsome I cannot resist myself. My husband was in a state of shock and was not able to understand what he should do as his wife is at home sleeping and he friend is trying to sleep with him. But men are men and somewhere he was also enjoying her being so close to him. He couldn't resist anymore and grabbed her waist. They both started kissing passionately on the couch and the kissing noise was soon spread all over our drawing room. After few minutes his conscious hit him and he asked her that they should not do this. She just removed her upper top in a reply. A fine cleavage of her milky body was totally visible to my husband and Shanaya said that I am all yours today. My husband rewinded all the sexual moments he had spent with me but had never felt the desire and excitement like this before. He was helpless and wanted to grab those melons like hell. So he did and lifted her in his arms and took her in bedroom. My husband lost his control over him and spent all night loving her and passionately admiring her body. They both had an amazing night together. Shanaya left early morning and my husband woke up late. Cherishing the moments spent with him there was a cute smile on his face which he was trying to hide. I prepared breakfast for him and went to wake him up. Without talking about Shanaya I asked him so How was you birthday? I replied that it was the best birthday till the date. He then asked me where is my gift. I told him I have already given you your gift. He was little surprised and started looking for the gift around him. I laughed and said no I gave you Shanaya yesterday. He looked blank for the moment and said what did you mean?

I told him that Shanaya was not my friend and she was an escort which I hired from Delhi Escorts 9 agency just for you. He was not able to understand why his wife would do that. I told him that I love you and you love me more and I know this so I cannot see you unhappy with anything. It's my love only that I called upon an escort just to fulfill your sexual desires and by the look of your face I can imagine how much you enjoyed last night.

Everything was not crystal clear to him that why Shanaya came so late and why I went upstairs to sleep leaving them alone. My husband hugged me and started kissing me and said thank you for being my loving wife. He looked so happy and had love and gratitude in his eyes for me. I felt so good that day and I believe I did the best thing for him and yes this was the best gift he had received on his birthday.

I think we should not stress out to these things very much. Sex is a need of everybody and if there is some sexual tension between couples they should not let their love get ruined due to this. They should opt for escort services. This way they will live happily just like we are living.