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Signs she is not going to marry you

Signs your best friend is in love with you

Signs your best friend is in love with you

Best friend is one of the most important people in every individual life. They are the ones with whom you can share your problems, share your happiness and basically when they are around you then you both feel very relaxed and calm. According to the researches, it is identified that a girl can have the best friend in a boy than the girls and same is the case with the boys. There are times when you meet someone new person and there is feeling instantly. After a time, you start spending a lot of time together and with no time it turns out to be the friendship and then there is a point where you feel that this person has become really important part of your life. The feeling is really amazing and at certain point of time you feel that you don’t need partner because no one can prove to be best than him. In any case, if you are a girl and have a male best friend then the probability of falling in love is high. The bond is completely different and seems to be very unique than the experienced you ever have encountered before this. You both will notice that with the passage of time you have started depending in each other for even small things. You both love the feeling and the experience that you both are experiencing currently. It is analyzed that having the boy as your best friend is the combination of having a boyfriend with the benefit of having a best friend and you don’t need any sort of physical contact to tell him that you love him because you have become open to him. if you are interested in understanding the signals which can help you in identifying that he is also in love with you like you are then keep following the illustration below:

Texting each other every second

This is a sign you cannot ignore. If you and your male best friend text each other after every second when you are not together then this completely means that you both are in love with one another. There can be a probability that he doesn’t realize this but he will for sure at certain point of time when he is texting you all the time. This directs that he also miss you when you are not around.

Talking late night on phone

If you both are in the habit of talking to each other at late nights then this means you both are in love. It is important for both of you that you must notice this sign because if you don’t realize that then the chances are that one of you is taken away. I am sure that you don’t want that happening. If he is the last person you talk to at night and the first person in the morning then it reflects your love for him. It is imperative for you that if he is not making the move then you should take the initiative. It is not relevant that every time a boy should ask the girl out.

He asks you to hang out with him

This again is a sign which should not be ignored at all. If he asks you to hang out with him then definitely he is in love with you. He will make sure that you both are getting your own time so that the feeling can be expressed. You will notice that whenever you hang out with him then you are the only one there is no other individual because he doesn’t want any other person to join you. All in all he wants to spend the alone time with you and always find out ways for it.