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Signs you are falling in love

Signs you are falling in love

Signs you are falling in love

Love is needed in life because it makes us feel good about ourselves; it gives the feeling that there is someone in this world who cares for us and understands us. We can have the feeling that we are important for someone. But the difficult part about is love that when you start falling in love you don’t get to know the signs. You keep on hanging between the thoughts that whether I love her or not, is it my infatuation or am I attracted to her? These are the questions which don’t let you take the steps further so that you can get into the relationship with the person you love. When you love someone then there is no point of raising any questions because you just get to know. If you are still confused that whether you are in love or not then you need not to worry I am giving you some of the major signs which will give you the clarity in this regard. Make sure you are reading the entire discussion only then you would be able to know if you love her or not:

Your phone has become your best friend

Yes, this is true if your phone has become your best friend then congratulations you are in love. You keep on waiting for her calls and messages but if your phone is not giving you ant notification then this is something which makes you feel restless. You always want to talk to her and cannot wait for her calls. If this is happening to you then definitely you are in love.

Blush! Blush! Blush!

If she is there around you then you start blushing and if it happens then we don’t need any other sign to tell you that you love her. If someone teases you then again you start blushing. Your cheeks start getting red when she is there around you or even if she starts flirting with you. So, I don’t think so you need any other sign for knowing that if you love her or not.

Your world revolves around her

I asked her why she thinks like that? She said it is the way to trick a girl to get physical with her without giving anything in return. So I said what do you think what works best then? She said girl should get paid for letting someone touch her. I asked her if I will pay then will you let me do that? She said yes you can do anything with me if you are ready to pay me for that. Soon I realized she is an escort and was definitely waiting for her customer. I asked her to come to my place with me to spend the night. She agreed and we both went to my flat. We both were already very high as we were drunk. She was looking smoking hot and I could not resist myself. I kissed her.

You think of her all the time

When you think of her all day and cannot think of anything else except her then it means you are in love. If you keep texting her to know what she is doing and where she is then it means she is running inside your mind all day. Being in love is an amazing feeling which comes with some pros and cons of its own. Guys often waste all of their time thinking about their love. If you fall in this category then it means you are so in love with her that you cannot concentrate on any other thing.

You feel amazing while she is with you

It is something that doesn't needs to be said but still we would like to discuss this with you. You are going to be in heaven when she is with you. Each and every single second that you spend with her is just awesome for you and it seems like you will never forget it. You cheer every moment and get wish that the time never passes and you guys stay together for as long as you want. This is an amazing feeling which every guys feels when he is in love.