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Signs she is not going to marry you

Reasons you are not finding a girlfriend for you

Signs she is not going to marry you

After getting into the relationship for most of us, the final destination of the relationship is marriage. After spending so many years and a long period of time with the person there comes a point where you feel that your partner is also ready for it. You wait for the time where you can make a full commitment to her. It is unfortunate that it becomes complex to identify that what is the appropriate way of when to get married and it is really imperative that you both are ready for the plunge because otherwise it can lead to the disaster. Before you make any kind of plans for the wedding bells for her and giving her a surprise it is important for you to know that whether she wants to get married to you or not because in any case if she is not ready for the marriage then it can lead to ruining the plan for you and the family as well. If you think that you have found the girl and plan for the marriage thing then first you need to make sure that whether she is ready for it or not. Most of the times, it is seen that the girls wants to marry but she is unable to find that whether she is ready or not and at this point it becomes significant for the boy to help her out. If you really want to marry her and want same from her then it is important for you to give her a time to think about it and should not force it on her through announcing it in your family. On the other hand, if she doesn’t want to get married to you then following are some of the signs which will help you in identify that what is going on her mind. It is important for you to identify the signs as if you will try to get married to her just because you cannot live without her then it can ruin the life for both of you. Hence, here are some of the major signs depicting that she doesn’t want to get married to you. Make sure that you are following the discussion to understand the signs:

She hasn’t introduced to her family yet

If you both are in the relationship for many years and she hasn’t introduced you to the family yet then it is the sign that maybe marriage is not in her mind. When a girl want to marry the partner of their choice then I guess these days they don’t take much time to tell it to their friend. You should ask her and should tell her that you want to meet her family if she ignores the conversation then it is relevant for you to know that she doesn’t want to get married to you. Hence, you should move out of the relationship as soon as possible so that it doesn’t hurt you later.

She ignores future discussions

This again is a very common sign that you can identify for whether she wants to marry or not. You will notice that if marriage is on her mind then she is the person who initiates the conversation for it and if not then she will be then who will ignore the conversation. Whenever you will try to talk about your future you will notice that she starts another conversation and doesn’t show any sort of interest.

She ignores the hints

There will be times when you will hit the signs of marriage on her but then you will notice that she even ignore those hints. She will behave like as if she doesn’t have any idea about the hint that you gave her. Even if you will try to talk her directly on face about the marriage aspect she will also ignore that. Thus, you need to understand the sign and should know that she is not interested in marrying you at all and you should move in life in a positive manner.