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Signs of insecure men that make girls run the other way

Signs of insecure men that make girls run the other way

Signs of insecure men that make girls run the other way

Insecurities in a relationship are never appreciated because it makes the other person feel trapped in a relationship which is just not good for the healthy relationship. If you want to make sure that your relationship is healthy and long lasting then you need to understand the concept of alleviating insecurities.

This is an aspect that can ruin the entire relationship very badly and can also lead to creating a lot of other problems. However, when you love someone with all your heart then it is completely natural that the person tends to develop some sort of insecurity because they don’t want to lose that special person from their life. Every individual at some point of time have certain insecurities to deal with. There are countless insecure men which push their girls to run away from them. Often it is said that women are the ones who feel insecurities whereas men don’t. But this is a fact and is understood but in case of men it cannot be comprehended because when get insecure it is something very difficult to handle. Every girl wish for the man who can make her feel secured in every sense. Life is going to be monotonous if there will be no insecurity at all so it is good but to only some extent. It is observed that there is only one thing which lead to insecurity and that is jealousy. It is a factor that is a doorway to insecurity. It is also said that jealousy and love are the aspects that go hand in hand. So, are you dating a man who is insecure? If you don’t know then have a look at some of the major signs which can help you in getting the clarity that whether you are dating a insecure man or not:

He is over protective

If you man is protective towards you than I guess you must be feeling lucky about being in a relationship with this man but do you realize that if he is over protective? Every girl desires for the man who feels protective for her and caring at the same time. Over protectiveness in a relationship is something that makes the girl run away from her man. She feels that as if she has got trapped somewhere and there is no way around to save her. We have seen so many instances in movies, real life, and novels which completely put emphasizes on the over protectiveness of a man. Hence, if you are also experiencing the same in relationship then it is a time that you should call it off.

He wants to change everything in you

If your man keeps on changing everything in you then he is the most insecure person you could ever meet. We love a person because of their nature, love for us, compatibility and the understanding level with us not for the way they look or for their behavior as these are the things that cannot be changed. If your partners wants you be a different person and is trying to make you that’s not you then there is nothing wrong in running away from him. This is a thing which naturally will force any girl to initiate such thing because this is really frustrating.

He is not social

This also is a sign which cannot be ignored in any case because if your partner is not social then it is the reflection of insecurities. Socializing with people is very important and when tow people are in relationship for them it is really important because then they can easily develop an understanding with the friends and families of one another. You should notice this sign in your boyfriend and if it is not there then it’s time that you must run away from this relationship.