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 Signs of a friendzone relationship

Signs of a friendzone relationship

Signs of a friendzone relationship

Friendzone is a term associated with the guys and the possibly the girls that have to face rejections whether it is unspoken or straight out. When a person is friendzone then it is observed that the people most of the times start blaming the other person and begins to come up with the reasons which are entirely at fault. If we talk in a simple term, then this is completely different thing for the girl as this is considered as the happy place for them. It is a place where a boy and girl can modestly sit back and talk to each other calmly. But if it is in the case of boy then it is considered as the place which is worst and especially in the case when the boy has feelings for the girl. Thus, if you are interested in knowing that whether he or she has friend zone you then you should follow the discussion below for the augmented comprehension:

They don’t find you witty

It is seen that when a girl or boy friend zone you then don’t find you witty or funny at all. If in social interaction you notice that he is cracking jokes and you don’t find it funny then definitely you are friend zone. On the other hand, you will notice that he is friend zone you if he is completely normal with you in the social gatherings.

You both are just friends

If you want to know that whether he has friend zone or not and vice versa then you will notice that you both consider you each other as friends. You both will hesitate to accept the feelings that are within you. The feeling of just friends is something which is really obvious of getting friend zone.

You talk about your hookups

You can never comprehend the feelings for each other because when you both know that there are some feelings within you guys but then you both talk about the hookups. It is something which is not acceptable when you are in love with someone. If there is a conversation about the hookups then this is something which cannot be believed at all.

She sends with you other friend

If she is a person who ships you with the friend and keep on mentioning that you both look great with each other then this is considered as the major sign of friendzone. If you are trying to date any other girl just to make jealous but then you realize that she doesn’t react then you should understand that she has friendzone you.