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Signs he only sees you as a friend

Signs he only sees you as a friend

Signs he only sees you as a friend

I guess we all need love in life because living without it is something next to impossible. But when you fall in love with your friend or best friend then this is one of the best things that can ever happen to you. Most of the times, it is analyzed that when a girl have a nice friend or best friend then they end up falling in love with him. There is nothing wrong with this because friends prove to be the best life partners. This is a fact that girls fall in love with the boy very easily and this is the reason that when they have a guy friend that can take their interest as well. In case, if he is very caring, protective and supportive for you then this is the feeling which you love and you start imagining your life with him. Before, you jump onto any sort of conclusion, it is very important for you to know that whether he also loves you or not because otherwise it can lead to even ruining the friendship for you. It is recommended because there will a point when you will realize that you should not have directly told this to him. Boys take time to fall in love with the girl and even if they do then it becomes complex for them to identify the feelings. So, if you are planning to express your feelings for him then I will suggest you to look for certain signs so that when you confess you don’t have to face embarrassment. For you better understanding, I am giving you some of the major signs which will prove to be helpful for you in identifying the signs appropriately:

He takes more interest in group

If you notice this sign then definitely it is going to be hurtful for you but then you it is for your betterment. He is a person who always would prefer to be with you in groups and will not prefer alone time like you do. You can even try asking him to join you alone then you will notice that he makes excuses all the time or will tell you that he is busy. So, is he doesn’t prefer time with you alone and wants to be with you in group then it is better that you should step back as otherwise you will end up hurting yourself.

He is only interested in hookup

He sees you as a friend only and you can identify this through the fact that he is only interested in hookup with you. You will notice that he always mentions that he is not interested in getting into the relationship and will always want to connect you. He also specifically mention that he see you as a friend every time maybe because he have to go to know your feelings. Now, when everything is clear to you then it should be your decision that what sort of relationship you want with him. In my opinion, it is better for you that you treat him as your casual friend and don’t get connected to him more because it is really difficult for girls to be with the person all the time that they love. This will help you in forgetting him easily or maybe in your absence he also gets to realize his feelings for you.

He doesn’t care

If this sign is there then it is very obvious that he sees you as a friend only and it is better for you to come out of this feeling as this way you are going to hurt yourself only. You would notice that if any other guy tries to flirt with you or giving more importance than him to you, you will notice that he doesn’t care at all and doesn’t affect him at all. Basically, all I want to say here is that you should know that he doesn’t love you at all because there is no any sign of J factor in him.