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Reasons you need love in life

Reasons you need love in life

Reasons you need love in life

Imagining life without love is something which is next to impossible for human beings. We have shaped up in a manner by god that we cannot live without love. There is a point when you actually understand the meaning of love and all you want is love at that time. There is a belief that we all need someone special by our side so that the life is handled easily. It becomes very easy to handle all the sorrows of life when your partner is with you. He or she is the only one who would never go against you and they are the ones as well who will support you even when they know that you are wrong. Every individual in all their life at once fall in true love and that’s when they really come to know the feeling. This is the only person with whom he or she wants to spend the life. Without love there will be nothing like no happiness, no fun element basically you would be the one who is kissing out one of the best feelings in the world. Love is a basic human need. Love and belongingness is the segment of Maslow’s hierarchy of requirements. According to the Maslow’s pyramid which was created for understanding the love concept, it evaluated that human requirement grows for meeting the self-actualization. It says that after the physiological needs are fulfilled by the humans such as food, water, breathing etc. and the feeling of security, the next step a person requires is to feel the love and belonging so that growing is easier. As per the researches it is also analyzed that being in love is one of the best things for your health and makes you less sensitive to pain. If you are still not convinced that why do you need love in life then have a look at some of the main reasons which will help you out in comprehending the aspect more efficiently:

Emotional development

We humans are emotionally very weak and the emotional development is something which is very important in life to grow as a person. If there is no emotional development in an individual then it is definite that he or she is not going to achieve something in life. It is important for you to know that falling in love should not be because you feel it is relevant but because when you actually feel for someone. There will be a point when you will come to realize that this is the best feeling and for the emotional development as well. With time you will become emotionally developed and you will also be capable of handling things on your own that too in a very effective way.

Mental development

According to varied researches it is identified that falling in love is definitely a requirement but this offers the benefit of emotional development as well. It is evaluated that the people who fall in love are developed mentally more than the single individuals. They are always happy if they have got the perfect relationship in their life and it is also seen that they are never mentally depressed only when they know that they are with the right person. Love is vital in life because it not only helps you emotionally grow as a person but also from psychological perspective as well.

Lessens our physical perception of pain and threat

If you want to know the reason that you need love in life then this is the one. It is categorized that love has the power to lessen the perception of threat and pain. It is seen that normally we human are frightened of things like threat and pain but when we fall in love with someone special then this feeling is vanished away and the best part is that you don’t even realize that when it happened and how it happened. So, if you are in love with someone then give him or her as much as you can because this is the wonderful feelings in the world and you should enjoy it fully.