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Reasons You Haven’t Found Love Yet

Reasons You Haven’t Found Love Yet

Reasons You Haven’t Found Love Yet

Being single for the certain period of time has its own perks. If I talk about the experiences that it personally had then it is one of the best phases because you grow as a person and leads to self-awareness. Though there were moments that used to be painful and lonely but then that helped me in reaching to a place where I attained the courage of breaking through certain walls and could initiate some sort of required inner work. Simultaneously, most of the individuals don’t make it their objective of being single all over their lives. Most of use actually desire for love and the partners for sharing the lives but then in the need we lead to do such mistakes that could have been ignored. Being single is just not like a curse and if you thing getting into the relationship is the cure then you are completely wrong. Both the aspects are something that cannot ever be considered related to each other as both of them have their own benefits. Getting into a relationship is something for which you should be ready so that it can be healthy and stronger. It is associated with the identification of patterns that are faulty and the processes that are linked to the thought which maybe blocking you from obtaining what you actually want. For solving the problem, let’s have a look at some of the reasons which can help you in understanding that why are you still single when you want to get into the relationship. If you are single that doesn’t mean you are to be blamed for it I am just trying to say either you are not ready or maybe there are certain things which you never considered while getting into the relationship. This can be at times very frustrating and if you want to overcome it then the best solution is to understand the reasons first as this will prove to be very beneficial. Thus, here are some of the following reasons:

You are needy

Let's dig deeper into this to understand this in a better way

This is something that you really need to understand because personally when I was in a relationship I feel this is one of the main reasons behind the fact that I was going through failure in relationships. But now is the time when I tried correcting certain things in me and I think it leads to the successful one. If you want to know the reason then you need to know this because most of the times girls are very needy and not satisfied with the relationship till they get the commitment from their boyfriends and I guess we all know that fact that boys are commitment phobic and they require time for such things. Hence, when you get into the relationship it is important for you to understand that you wait for the right time and give him, you will notice that he appreciates this quality in you.

You are too picky

This again is another reason that you are still single I am not saying that you should get into the relationship with the random guy. What all I mean is that in a relationship one thing which is important is love and if it’s there then you don’t have to out huge efforts so that it works. I am sure you are very picky while selecting a guy for you and it is something which ends up not leading anywhere. You need to understand this reason and should try correct this in you otherwise trust me you will be remaining single all over your life and I guess you don’t even want that.

Don't brag about anything

Whatever we are and whatever we have if you don't tell about it still they are going to find it. If you are a good singer then instead of telling her on your first date that you a good singer better sing a song for her after few dates. If you own a Lamborghini, she is going to find it. Believe me it excites people much more they find out themselves something good about you. Do not open all your cards at once. Keep some of the things for later too to make your later meeting also interesting. Girls always get impressed by someone who brings a new thing on table every other day. So the conclusion, don't brag about anything.

The ex factor

Past is one of the aspects which keep on haunting us for a longer period of time and we try to always think that we have moved on whereas the fact is something else. Maybe this again is another reason that you are single. When you are not over your ex then you keep on finding the same attributes in your present boyfriend and that leads to breakups and more breakups. If you don’t want that happening then it is important that you should overcome this feeling because no guy would accept the fact that you compare him with your ex. Hence, if you want the solution then you need to face the truth only then you will be able to find the desired relationship.