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Reasons you are not finding a girlfriend for you

Reasons you are not finding a girlfriend for you

Reasons you are not finding a girlfriend for you

The concept of girlfriend and boyfriend has become very common these days. If you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend then it is the reflection that either you are not cool or you are unable to find a partner for yourself. We need to understand the aspect that you can have partner only when you fall in love with someone. If you chose to find a girlfriend just because your groups of boys are committed then it can prove to be worsening for you only. It is seen that if the every boy in the group have a girlfriend but if one boy is single then he gets into the relationship only because of this reason and not because he wanted to. It is very important for each of us that we should know that the love is a very pure and beautiful feeling so it should not be dishonored. When you force yourself to fall in love with someone then it only leads to the pathway of failure and I am sure you don’t want that. If you have been asking yourself that why you are not able to get a girlfriend for you or you are not able to find one who is nice and loves you eternally. So, in this case you need to understand a lot of reasons because you have been getting into the relationship for people not for you and i.e. I guess one of the major reasons. This is not the only one but there are many which you need to identify and if you are not then you just don’t get worried because I am going to discuss in this topic reasons that are interlinked with the aspect. You need to understand the following discussion as it will help you in an efficient manner:

You don’t try your best

If you don’t miss him like you used to do before then trust me you should leave him because this way you are hurting him and yourself as well. When two individuals are not happy together then the best things is to give up as otherwise nit leads to ruining the life for both of the people. It is important to accept the fact just because you are used to him doesn’t mean that you will force the relationship on him and on you. When you know that you don’t miss him then you should not move on with the relationship and should make sure that you are telling him before its too late.

Your ego is the first priority

Another major reason that you are single is that your ego doesn’t let you ask out any girl. You are one of the people who in their ego think that why should I ask her, she should be the one approaching me. But don’t you really have any idea that it is always a boy first who have to take the initiative first? If you really don’t know this then trust me my friend it’s your bad and you need to work on it. Basically, if you cannot let go your ego then trust me no girl would ever want to be in your life and I guess it is completely justified as well. So, just analyze this one and work on it if you want to.

You are too picky

If you think that those Victoria magazine girls are real then trust me you need some realistic view of a girl. You cannot imagine in any way that you can get a girlfriend like the portraits in magazine. They are completely the unreal view of a girl and if you think that you will be getting one like them then you are mistaking my friend. You really need to know that in the end it is the choice of a girl that whether she wants to be with you or not and if you think that it is going to be your choice then here again you are wrong. You should know that you can never get picky while choosing a girl because it is their part and you are out of it entirely.