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My experience with the best escort in Delhi

My experience with the best escort in Delhi

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Hi! My name is Ashwin and I am from Indore. I am 28 years old and working in an IT company. I came to Delhi for my job. I live here all alone as my family lives in Indore. When I came here I had no friends and I used to feel very lonely. I am a shy person so I do not talk to many people. I wanted to have a girlfriend but due to my shy behaviour, I found it tough for me to even approach a girl. I used to go to the office every day and work 9 long hours continuously and then come home and then have my dinner and watch movies and go to sleep.

Initially it was bearable as Delhi was a new place for me and my job was also new but later on, it became unbearable for me to live each day on my own without any friends. I used to look at my friends on social media that they are so happy and enjoying their life to the fullest whereas I am not doing anything except doing a job. One day I went to a party with one of my colleagues. It was his birthday today and he invited all his friends to the party. When I entered the party club I saw so many girls. They all were very beautiful and smoking hot. He introduced me to all the girls and we all started talking. We all were having some snacks and then came to the dance floor. These girls were so friendly and open that I forgot all the problems of my life and started dancing with them.

After some time I did a couple dance with a girl. Her name was Natasha. Natasha was very cute and beautiful girl. After a couple dance, we both went to one private room to get to know each other more. I can say that I was very nervous but she was enjoying my company. We guys talked to each other and after few minutes we felt like we should come closer. Natasha kissed me on my lips. It was the first kiss of my life. I felt so good. After that, we both forgot the party and passionately made love. I cannot tell you how happy I was. So many feelings were coming inside me at that time and I was feeling like I am in a dream. I felt amazing.

After the party, I asked my friend how in the world he has such amazing friends who are so open-minded and friendly with guys like me. He told me that he hired escorts that day from Delhi Escorts 9 and I was shocked for a second. The next moment I was thankful to my friend for doing so much for me and making me happy. Just because of him I was happy after so many days. I can say that I could have never thought that they were escorts as those girls were just like every college going girl.

Later on, I got to know that college going girls in Delhi are associated with the Delhi escorts 9 agency. I took their number and now whenever I feel like I want a companion to spend some time together I hire escorts from them and I can say that they have the best escorts in Delhi.

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