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How to please a woman on bed?

How to please a woman on bed?

How to please a woman on bed?

It will be amazing if he gets turned on and participates in the sexual activity for which you have been longing for. Though most often you will find a guy already turned on while kissing but it is necessary to warm up the things a little bit. If her finds you too involved into it then it will turn out to be a wild meeting.

There are several ways you can please a woman on bed and if you do this properly, this can make her go nuts definitely.

1. Kiss is all she wants

A passionate can drive anyone crazy. Gently pull her towards you and kiss her on her lips. Then smile at her and again kiss deeply. A kiss is the best starter and every girl enjoys it. You can kiss her lips up and down and suck them if she lets you do it. A passionate kiss always heats up the things. Kissing should last few minutes and should satisfy both of you. It is a very good started and will help you to test whether she is enjoying it with you or not. Keep a check on her smile. If she will enjoy it she will maybe willing get going further.

2. Grab her booty

While you are kissing this is obvious your hands are going to be free and you probably may have them on her face or at the back but if you want to give her a strong feeling then do put your hands on her booty. First gently do it and if she is into it then press them hard. It will definitely make her more wild and the sound she is going to make, you are going to enjoy it.

3. Oral sex is important

Before jumping into the hard and wild sex, you should give yourself some time and your partner too to enjoy oral sex. Oral sex plays an important role and makes it more enjoyable than you think. In fact many people claim that they love doing oral sex for long and enjoy it more than actually diving into sexual pleasure. Kiss her on her lips, Kiss her neck, Kiss her earlobes, Kiss her on the back and kiss her everywhere.

4. Breast Should be Pampered

Her breast is the thing that she wants you to play with. You need to know that. So do press them and lick around them. She will definitely enjoy it and will may put her hands on your hair and close her eyes. The perfect scene from many porn videos is realistic as this is what girls do when they enjoy sex. Kiss her breast nipples as they are one of her pressure points which can please her on bed. Do not forget her breast in the whim of fucking. Cross each level carefully so that she remembers everything when done.

5. Time to let her make her move

Now that she is totally into it and wants more and more of it. You probably should see what signs she is giving you or she maybe will herself do it before you even realize it. Let her do what she wants. Do not interrupt when she is making a move and enjoy it to the fullest. There are different kind of favorites of everyone and both the partners should be allowed to do it so that it becomes enjoyable for both of them. She will also be having some magical moves so sit back and let her show what she got. Girls are very good at sex sometimes and can give you extreme pleasure. So enjoy the foreplay and let her fulfill her desires too.

You know after this you can easily jump into fucking as all the rest of the things are done. Fucking gives extreme pleasure so don't be in a hurry. Try some different positions and make sure you both enjoy each of it.

Having a good sex is really important as it boosts feel good hormone in your body and satisfies your soul too. She is going to remember it if you will make it really very special for her.