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How to make your wedding night sex unforgettable?

How to make your wedding night sex unforgettable?

How to make your wedding night sex unforgettable?

You have been waiting for it your whole life. Thinking about it and how will it go makes you feel good. The night before your wedding you feel nervous and the nervousness increases to the night when you are alone with your partner for the first time.

There are several questions and myths that come into mind of people regarding the wedding night. It is not necessary to have sex on wedding night and so be calm.

For those who have not been indulged in any sexual activity earlier before their wedding night it is obvious that you are going to feel nervousness but try to calm yourself as we are going to tell you some points which are going to make your wedding night sex unforgettable.

1. Take bath

After the rituals you don't get much time but still we would suggest you to take bath as it will remove all the tiredness and make you fresh. It feels good after taking a bath so do it.

2. Pre planning is necessary

You have to plan before your wedding night that how you are going to do it. How you impress your partner and how you seduce them to get into the mood is all upto you. Having sex after foreplay is admired by both the participants. Also bring protection with you so that you do not mess up on your first wedding night only.

3. Praise her

While talking make her feel that you are really glad to have her as your wife. Tell her that you are extremely happy that she is with you. Tell her that she is looking very beautiful and you cannot resist yourself. Tell her you are the happiest person in the world tonight. By saying all these things you are going to make her feel special and make a bond immediately which is going to sprinkle the lovely feeling in the environment.

4. Sensuous touching

If you are not aware of what sensuous touching is then you need to take some lessons. It is the type of touching which creates feeling between you and your partner and arouses sexual feeling. When you touch your beloved on her neck, touch her under the thighs, kiss her earlobes. These pressure points work great to bring her to make a move. She will feel it and will react while you will be playing with the different parts of her body. Touch her hair and hug her once to make her feel that everything is ok and there is nothing to be scared off. First make her comfortable then make a move and jump to the next level.

5. Time to become wild

This is the time that you should not resist yourself and uncover all the sexual fantasies you have till now. When you get a green signal from her then you are good to go. Kiss her passionately and if she is now participating in the activity just as much as you time to go further. Press her boobs gently first and turn her back. Hug her from behind and let her feel your boner. Kiss her on neck and on the back. By this time she would want to face you again and let her do it. Now kiss again and this time let her do what she wants. Slowly remove your clothes and her clothes. Now go as far as you both can go with your mutual understanding and approval of both.

6. Sex is not the only thing

In a survey 52% people have told that they don't even bother to have sex on their first wedding night. So it is not imperative that you have to do sex before you both get comfortable with each other. You can also talk to her whole night about the wedding or can ask her about what she wants so that you can stand upto her standards. Talking to your partner will make your bond stronger and she will also think that you are not desperate for sex only. Instead you want to know more about her and know how she is feeling after her marriage on her wedding night.
There are various other things that you can do to make your wedding night unforgettable. Though a little cuddling and kissing will surely work. So do not hesitate to do what you feel like and don't be nervous.