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How to make the right choice if you love two men?

How to make the right choice if you love two men?

How to make the right choice if you love two men?

Loving two men at the same time is undoubtedly means having to make a decision that is agonizing. It becomes very complex to decide who should be chosen and whom you should not because there is a feeling named as guilty. This is a feeling which would never let you feel relieved and you will always be keep on thinking that you did wrong to the other person. This kind of feeling is quiet normal when this sort of situation takes place. So, how about the Twilight Saga? Most of us I guess are very well aware of this story. Who should Bella choose? This was the question that used to roam in every mind while watching the movie. Would she choose Jacob or Edward? Definitely the choice was difficult for her but then she made her choice very carefully. Love triangles are supposed to be usually a great deal of romance that is less and more painful in reality. You cannot deny the fact that you are definitely betraying both loves and most probably more than that yourself. How are you going to decide that who is the right man for you or whether you are better on your own? It is surely not uncommon for woman to discover herself loving two men at the same time. Most of the times, the reason being for ending up with the two men is that she has grown apart from her partner who is long-term and now is the time when she is not able to make the decision because each of them are capable of satisfying her desires. Probable she desires for wanting both the men because of what they bring to her life but then this is something which is next to impossible and it is her who has to come up with the decision. The bad part about this roller coaster of emotions is something which leads to causing the problems that are referred as the symptoms that are psychosomatic such as insomnia, headaches and even ulcers at times. It can also lead to the different experiences like wild mood swings that ranges from despair to the excitement that is manic. So, are you in love with two men at the same time? If yes, then you must also be going through the same problems that I discussed earlier. Don’t worry if you are confused as I am going to give some of the ways that you should consider so that you can make the right decision for yourself and for the two men as well:

Consider the positive qualities of each guy

If you are not able to make the decision about choosing among the two men then you can include this tip. You should look for the qualities that are positive in both the men. Make sure that you are trying to notice the positive outlook of both the men in tough situations. Though, you don’t have to do this for the men with whom you are already in relationship but the focus must be on the second if you have a string feeling that you want to choose him. This is a very big decision of your life because once it is made then you would not get the chance of regretting for the previous relationship and also you cannot think of going back. Hence, you really need to be sure about both the men without any confusion as otherwise you will end up ruining your life.

Consider how both the men makes you feel

With the help of this tip, you will be able to come to conclusion at some extent because women get to know when a man is treating her special every time she is around. You have to notice that how both of the men makes you feel special and this will benefit you in resolving the problem. If one person is treating you badly and other one is treating you special through gifts or with anything special then you will be in a huge extent clear in your mind.

Notice the negative qualities

Another way of making an appropriate decision is that you should look for the negative qualities in both the men. You should see if one of them is trying to get bossy or is manipulative and doesn’t treat you good enough then you would not have to feel any guilty conscious because this kind of man doesn’t deserve you. Thus, this is one of the best ways which can prove to be beneficial for you.