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How to have the best kind of SEX?

How to have the best kind of SEX?

How to have the best kind of SEX?

The best kind of sex you can have is the sex which is done slowly and goes through different type of phases. Many people tend to go the extreme phase of sex in the starting only. Why in such a hurry?

Sex is supposed to be done slowly and you will enjoy it more if you do it for as long as you want. A sensuous type of sex is what makes everyone crazy and brings out the wildness from inside. A seductive activity before sex boosts our feelings and makes us more horny. This is proven and in a survey also more than 70% people have admitted that they enjoy slow and sensuous sex more than anything else.

1. Give it some time

Give it some time before you enter into the action. Talk to your partner about it and make sure you both talk about sexy things that help in arising feelings inside you both. A small talk before sex is always favorable. You both should know that you are ready so that there is no hesitance regarding anything in between otherwise it ruins the mood.

2. A Sensuous Touch

A Sensuous touch in between is required to grow feelings and alert the body of what is going to happen in few seconds. If you touch your partner on hands or thighs or somewhere else gently then it will surely help you give signs that you are ready for sex. Touching each other grows feelings and the resisting helps later on when we are not resisting.

3. Time to start

When you both start, start with the foreplay. This foreplay helps having a great time. The fun of teasing each other is just mesmerizing. You both can do so may thins before even starting real sex. Do kiss on neck, earlobes and somewhere on the back. These places have a great potential to make someone wild enough. Now that you have waited for quite long. You can kiss each other. Give a slow and sensuous kiss and keep it incomplete. Now again kiss and keep kissing for few more minutes.

4. More further

While kissing more you hands a little bit and touch the breast of the girl and press them. Now press them again and adore her nipples by kissing them. Girls really like when their breast is been sucked. Suck her nipples hard and keep pressing her breast. She will definitely like it become more horny.

5. Do as you wish

Now you both want sex and you know it. So do it and let her show her how wild she is. But before that let her give you a really hot blowjob as girls crave for blowjob and like to suck pennis.

6. Now bang her

Now comes the moment when you are needed to be wild. Be as wild as she can handle. Hump her and do as what pleases you. The interesting thing is that girls also like to do sex with guys who are wild during sex. So use your full potential and show her what you got.

This type of sex always is very pleasant to couples and you will definitely enjoy it. If you want to enjoy having sex to the maximum then the best way is to do it like this. Go slow in the starting and live the moment. Being wild is necessary when you have reached an epitome of it.

Go and enjoy now.