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How to convince a guy for sex without actually saying it?

How to convince a guy for sex without actually saying it?

How to convince a guy for sex without actually saying it?

It is not a shocking thing to know that we all want sex. It is not the thing which only boys want. Sex is enjoyed by both the parties. So it is obvious that boys and girls both want it. Still boys can say it loud that they want sex and girls have to intentionally hide their feeling and wait for the boy to ask for it. But today we would like to share some of the signs which you can show to a boy that will provoke him to have sex with you.

1. Tell him that you likes his physique

You should tell him that you really like his physique. Guys like to get praised over their physique and think that girl is attracted towards them who praises it. If he likes to workout then you can also ask for his pictures and when you get it. You have to just say good things about his physique like I wish I was the one clicking your picture or I wish I could touch your muscles. This will clearly indicate him that you are interested in getting physical with him as you are attracted towards him.

2. Tell him that you are lonely at night

When you will tell him that you are lonely then he will try to comfort you by saying that he can come over and he can come to your bed. You can take this conversation as an advantage to provoke him into doing sex chat. Once a sex chat is done then you can be sure of sex afterwards. A sex chat is a great way to know what's going on inside your partner's mind and you can attract him more towards you. This attraction will lead to sex eventually.

3. Tell him you need some personal time with him

When you will say some personal time it obviously means you want to spend some personal time with him somewhere. Now at this personal time you guys can do whatever you want and a guy will definitely try to have sex with you when he will be alone. At least he will try to kiss you and you can allow him to do that and take things further. Now in this case you have not asked him for sex, you just wanted to spend some personal time with him and wanted some lonely time. This is also a very tricky sentence to say to guy to lure him into doing sex with you.

4. If nothing works just say you are a kid

No guy will like to listen to something which hurts his young blood. If you tell him he is just a kid then he will do multiple things to prove you that he is not a kid. If he asks you to tell what bold thing he needs to do. He will make sure he does something bold to prove you wrong. Guys are smart and catch every single and he will make sure you are talking about sex.

5. If you are more frank with him then do this

If you talk to him all day. Then you can give him many signs to make sure he catches what you are trying to do. You can flirt with him openly and tell him you are hungry. It is important that you make yourself clear before quitting. He should know what you want and moreover guys do not deny. You just need to give him signals and he will catch. These are some of the best ways to convince a guy for sex without actually saying it.