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How my friend moved on from his girlfriend?

How my friend moved on from his girlfriend?

How my friend moved on from his girlfriend?

Hi my name is Rahul and I want to share a true story with you guys which happened with my friend named "Sahil". Sahil is college going guy. He is smart and cool. He was in a serious relationship with one girl from last 4 years. They both were serious for each other but they say their relation got boring with time. Sahil was loyal to her girlfriend and loved her a lot. He was very caring towards her. He used to pick her up and drop her to her home. Sahil knew that in a relationship both partners need some space so he never used to ask her where she is going and with whom she is. I think this is what she took benefit of.

One day Sahil was going to meet his new friend at flat and there in the society he saw her girlfriend entering the flat with another guy. Sahil was very tensed and called her and she rejected his call. He again called and again rejected it. Then she texted him that she is with her parents at home will call after few time. Sahil was broke and gathered courage to enter the flat and confront her. He rang the bell. One guy came at the door. He was shirtless and Sahil asked him about her girlfriend. That guy asked him to come inside. There she was half naked and was not even able to look at Sahil's face. Sahil told that guy that he is dating her since 4 years and that guy was also shocked as he told that she is her girlfriend from 3 months.

They both scolded that girl and embarrassed her by cursing with abusive words and asked her to leave. After she went tears rolled out of Sahil's eyes. He was broke totally. That other guy also felt bad for him. Sahil came home and told me everything. I wanted to slap his girlfriend but he asked me not to do anything like that. Sahil kept crying for days and was not even coming out of his room.

I had to sort this out so one day I got to know that his family is going out of station and so I went to his home. He was looking ok that day but I knew still he is not at all ok. I had called a someone and so there was a knock in the door. Sahil went to open the door. There was a stunning girl standing and I told Sahil from behind let her come she is my friend. Her name was Priya. Sahil gave me a look and asked me to come inside. He then asked me who is she. I told him that she is my friend and was asking me about you so I asked her to come over. Sahil had a little smile on his face and said why she was asking about me? I told him you find it yourself.

I played some songs on speaker and the mood was on now. I had bought some beer before so we opened them. We started talking and Sahil and Priya seemed to be enjoying each other's company. They both were laughing and enjoying the moment.

Then we started playing truth and dare in which I asked Sahil does he finds Priya attractive? He said yes while blushing. Then Priya asked for dare and I asked her to kiss Sahil. Sahil said no this is not a good dare but Priya stood up and kissed him suddenly. Sahil was shocked and could not resist and pulled her towards him and kissed her again. I went out of the room and gave them some privacy. They came outside after 2 hours holding each other's hands and both were smiling. Then Priya said she has to go somewhere will meet after and she went away. I asked Sahil how is he feeling to which he replied I am feeling very relieved and relaxed. Pointing to his ex he said " Fuck That Bitch" I have moved on now.

Then I told Sahil that Priya is an escort.