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How I met an escort in a party?

How I met an escort in a party?

How I met an escort in a party?

Hi my name is Nishant and I am a student of BA first year. I am a guitarist and also participate in college functions. I am quite popular among girls in college. Recently I went through a breakup. So I thought I should go out for a party with my friends. I went to a disc party with my friends to chill out. The entire disc was filled with hot girls. Girls were wearing short dresses and each one of them were looking amazing. I stumbled upon one girl. She was very cute looking and looked like she was waiting for someone. She was standing near the bar. I went to the bar and asked for a drink. She came and stood on my side and asked the bartender for another drink. I asked her if I could buy her a drink. She smiled and said of course. I introduced myself to her and asked her name.

Her name was Pranjal. I asked her if she is with someone or not? She said she was supposed to meet someone here in the party but it looks like that person is not going to come. After some drinks we both went to dance floor to dance together. Her moves were sizzling hot and she was looking very hot. Every guy in the disc was looking at her and getting jealous of me. I felt lucky to have approached her first otherwise any other guy would have done that.

After some time we both sat down and starting talking. It was 1am now and I asked her if she wants to go out with me. She agreed and we both came out of the party. Now I could listen to her real voice as she was not screaming loud now. Her voice was super cute and she was looking like an angel to me. I told her that I really found her attractive and she said the same. I asked her if she would like to come into a relationship but she said she doesn't believe in relationship it is bullshit.

I asked her why she thinks like that? She said it is the way to trick a girl to get physical with her without giving anything in return. So I said what do you think what works best then? She said girl should get paid for letting someone touch her. I asked her if I will pay then will you let me do that? She said yes you can do anything with me if you are ready to pay me for that. Soon I realized she is an escort and was definitely waiting for her customer. I asked her to come to my place with me to spend the night. She agreed and we both went to my flat. We both were already very high as we were drunk. She was looking smoking hot and I could not resist myself. I kissed her.

That kiss was the best kiss of my life. So juicy and yummy. Best ever kiss it was. She was all mine and I could do anything with her. It was an amazing feeling. I took her to my bedroom. She put her clothes off. I was in heaven. I told her that I have never met such a beautiful girl in my whole life. She said then why don't you stop talking and love me now. I grabbed her and lifted her up from her butt and she wrapped her arms around me and we both kissed each other passionately. She was a wild kisser. She was sucking my lips like hell. Her fragrance was making me crazy and I was so in love with her for that moment. I was dying to explore her whole body. She was definitely doing a witchcraft on me at that time. Whole night we spent loving each other. We both didn't slept for a single moment. I was fully satisfied with her services. I really liked spending time with her. I always call her whenever I am lonely and I think it is better than being in a relationship. As I have freedom and can do whatever I want.