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Hiring an Escort in Delhi to jealous my Ex Girlfriend

Hiring an Escort in Delhi to jealous my Ex Girlfriend

Hiring an Escort in Delhi to jealous my Ex Girlfriend

I am a student of BA 1st year. I got committed to a girl named Ishita 6 months ago. She is beautiful and very popular in our college. I am also good looking so she did not had any problem in saying yes to me. Everything went fine until she met a guy who is a good singer and guitarist and also very famous among teens. Ishita also became fan of him and got attracted towards him and wanted to be his friend. They both became friends soon after a month. She started hanging out with him and ignoring me. I knew she is not going to do anything wrong but was not sure of that guy so I confronted her one day and asked her to discontinue talking to him. She could easily get the insecurity I was dealing with and said that she is not going to do anything wrong and I have to trust her but I became mad and gave her an option of choosing only one person, either me or him. She replied aggressively that she doesn't want to choose anyone and who wants to stay can stay and who wants to leave can leave out of her life. She is not forcing anyone to do it. I wanted to prove her that I am serious about it so I broke up with her. Maybe she cried that day but I got no text from her.

Few days later I saw her pictures on Instagram with him and felt my heart burning like hell. I wanted to beat him so that he never comes closer to my girlfriend but I thought that this way I will create more issues with my girlfriend. I was also very scared as I had broke up with my girlfriend but was not at all serious about leaving her. Many thoughts came into my mind and the one which was pissing me off was that maybe he is her new boyfriend now.

I called her friend Shayna to confirm that if she is committed to him or not. Shayna told me that she is not committed to him but he is trying to convince her to become his girlfriend and it's just a matter of time that she will break. I got worried and asked her to help me get rid of this situation. I told her that I can't live without Ishita and do not want her to stay with anyone else. I told her that I do not like that guy but she is not ready to leave him. Shayna said that I understand and somewhere Ishita is wrong as we should respect our partner's feelings and should not let them feel the insecurity as it leads to misunderstandings and breakups.

Shayna said that she is ready to help me and she has an idea how she can help me out and teach Ishita a lesson. She told me to change my relationship status on Facebook from single to committed. I did it and then she asked me to come and meet me in a mall. I went there to meet her and she said that I have to meet her everyday as she wants to show Ishita that there is something in between us. I got her plan and it sounded perfect to me. We clicked some selfies while we were very close to each other and posted the pictures on both of ours social media accounts. Ishita called Shayna just to know how we guys met today so she told her that I was talking to her from few days and so we met for shopping. She made it sound like it's not a big deal and everything is ok. Ishita said sarcastically Yes I can understand and hanged up.

This was just the first day. Second day again we met and watched a movie together and put a status about it. Again the first like and comment we got was from Ishita. Obviously she wasn't talking to me so she commented on Shayna's account and said - I know what's cooking.

Shayna liked her comment and we both laughed at it. Next day we met and this time we were in CCD and put status about it. 20 minutes went and there was no sign of any like or comment from Ishita. Just when our coffer came I saw Ishita coming towards us and she was boiling more than our coffee.

She came and we both looked at her. She asked Shayna wtf are you doing with him? Shayna said what happened? Is there anything wrong?

Ishita said do I need to tell you guys what is wrong? I know what you guys are upto and I just want to listen it from you. Shayna said that there is nothing wrong in between us and you are just making up things. She said we are just good friends. Ishita said loudly - I know how good friends are you. She didn't even talked to me for once and said - I just want to know the trust and I will walk away.

Shayna said that we are dating each other and she likes me. Ishita started crying and I wanted to say that this is not at all true but Shayna kept resisting. Shayna said there is nothing wrong as you have already left him for someone else. Ishita replied while crying that she has not left me it was me who broke up.

Shayna said so why you are upset now? You have been dating that guitarist?

Ishita said I am not dating him. Shayna said have you not been doing shopping with him? Haven't you seen a movie with him? Haven't you posted selfies with him? We can easily interpret what is between you both. Ishita said that he is just my friend. Then Shayna said that I am also his friend and we both are not dating. We did the same what you did with your friend and you came out here asking wtf is going on between us.

Shayna said that if you can't handle the insecurity being a girl event after your breakup then how do you expect him to digest it?

Ishita was silent and guilty. I went and sat next to her and said that I love you and I can't live without you. Ishita cried badly and hugged me and said that she won't talk to him from now on and will not repeat anything like that from now on. She got her lesson and she now knows how it feels when we see our partner roaming out with someone else.

Few days later I got to know Shayna is an escort and helps men like me to get rid of their problems in life. I am very thankful to her and cannot repay the debt she has on me but still I paid her fees just to thank her for what she has done for me.