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Difference between love and lust

Difference between love and lust

love and lust, Delhi Escorts

Delhiescorts9, Are you in a relationship with someone? Are you admiring someone? Are you trying to find love in someone? If yes, then you are in the right place, my friend! We will tell you the true ways by which you can actually distinguish between love and lust. Whether you are with the right person or not? Whether he is with you only for the sake of sex? Find out all the possible signs that will help you to distinguish between love and lust on the whole.

Without much talking let’s get started with the action.

Difference between love and lust:

Examine if the other shows interest in you or treats you as a thing:

In order to check if the person is really interested in you or your body. Look at the interest of the person towards you. The person who will really love you will stay with you no matter what the situation will be. He will always be truthful towards you no matter what the situation is. Even if you do not like it he will still tell the truth. Your lover will find interest in spending time with you. You can speak to the person about anything or everything in the world.

This is one of the clear signs that show that the person is interested in you and not in your body. This, in turn, clears the difference between love and lust.

You will warmth and secure:

When you are with him you feel secure. You feel the love of the person in the form of security he provides. To the public, he will be your bodyguard. He will protect you no matter what happens. He is committed to you for the rest of his life. he will never leave you and you know this from the depth of your heart. I cannot explain this feeling in words but this is the feeling that you will have once you have found the right person of your choice. And, at that time no article can judge the difference between love and lust. And, it will be you to the judge the difference between the two of them.

Analyze how you think about another individual:

If you are really in love with the other person you will feel the love in the air. You will always think about the other person whether it is night or day. You will not only think of him you will love to talk to him about calls or on messages. The feel is enough for you that your partner is near you. You do not require any physical actions to specify your love. The emotions and the feelings are enough to define it.

Respect is the prior factor:

It is the respect that will only come when you are in real love with the other person. If you do not love the other person from the heart you will never be able to respect your partner. If you only want a sexual relationship with the other person then your love will end up with nothing. The lust will end once you have gone through the sexual ride. But the love will last forever. It is the love that takes the form of respect and will make your relationship better day by day.

Physical appearance is nothing for you:

You do not have interest in what your partner looks like. Because you love him because of his nature. And, also because you are connected with him due to love that you have. If the case is opposite then the case will be that you are probably having the lust for the other person. You are always eager to make sexual contact with the other person rather than any emotional touch. This is the sign that will help you judge if you are actually in love with the other person or you are just for lust with him.

Think about the time you have been with the other person:

Time is everything. And, it is enough to make any decision of your life. If you have been with your love for a long time like around 3 to 4 years then you are probably in love with the other person. If you are not in love with the other person then your relationship might not have survived till now. So, try to think about it twice that being in a relationship with one person for such a long time is not easy. It is the love that binds you people together till now.

This is one more reason that will make the picture of love vs. lust more clear.

Look at how you handle conflicts between you two:

I think this is right to say that you should not care about the arguments you had with your partner last night. Can you find another sex partner right? But, this totally proves out to be wrong if you are really in love with the other person. When you are in lust you only want a body to fulfill your needs. No matter who the person is, all that matters is a person to satisfy you. So, remember next time you have a fight think twice if you want him or you want his body. This also gives you a sign to judge if you are in love or in lust with the other person.


We have shared the top best signs to show the difference between love and lust. I know its very hard to judge whether you are in love or in lust. But these signs will simplify the process. You will get the better idea of how to judge the love and lust in you. Remember next time you have any problem in your life regarding love or lust just remember these points or have a look at them. And, the difference will be crystal clear in your mind. I hope you will find this article helpful and beneficial.