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April 16, 2018
Escorts in Delhi5/5 stars
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Can an escort give you full satisfaction?

Can an escort give you full satisfaction?

Can an escort give you full satisfaction?

I think that I am eligible to answer this question as I was very frustrated with my life few months back and unhappy with almost everything. My family, my friends, my relationship nothing was going right and I had cut off with everyone and came to Delhi for my new job.

I went through a breakup and it was very bad. My breakup tore me apart as I loved my ex a lot but she didn't. She left me like I was nothing to her and said that she deserves someone better. It was hard on me but I had to deal with it. I kept calling myself a loser and thought that I deserve nothing.

The environment of my new company was very good which helped me go through the situation a little bit. It was all good when I was accompanied by someone at office or somewhere else but when I used to come home back I used to miss her very badly. I felt helpless as I could contact her but I knew she doesn't want me in her life anymore. The feeling of getting dumped was eating me up slowly and gradually. One day I saw a my colleague talking to his friend on phone that he had very good time last night with an escort. I kept listening to him as he was sharing all the things which happened the yesterday night. I became curious about all this. Later that night after dinner I remember what I had heard today and started searching for escorts in Delhi. There were huge list of websites who were offering me escorts services. I called one of them and asked them about the pricing. As the price was in my budget I booked an escort and within half an hour escort was in front of my door.

I gave her coffee and started talking to her. While doing some chit chat I got to know that she is a model and she became an escort to take care of her high standard lifestyle. She seemed to be very nice and cute to me. I was kind of liking talking to her. She said can I ask you a question and I said yes go ahead.

She said why have you called me? Are you desperate for sex or there is something else? I told that I have just went through a breakup and I am not feeling really well because of this from some time. She then understood what I am going through. She said that there is no one in the world who has not lost someone very close. Everyday people go through heart breaks and still they keep going. If you don't move on then you will only waste your time and days crying over what have she done. Then she came closer to me and asked me to be her friend.

I was not expecting this from her. She said that there are only people who want to be her friend because she is beautiful but you seem to be nice person so I want you to be my friend. That day we just shared so many things and I told her about myself my friends and what I do. She also told me about where she lives and her friends and everything. I was so happy and was wondering just before this night I was so lonely and now I am so happy. It was just because of her. She became my friend and healed the damages overnight.

Now we are friends. She talks to me almost every day and has introduced me to her friends. I am really thankful that I met her and all this became possible due to escort service in Delhi. I am ready to enjoy my life and she is also looking for a girl for me to be my girlfriend. She is very nice and I want her to be my friend forever. This is something very new experience for me. An escort could be your friend if you treat them in a better way. I have came to the conclusion that you should not let your feelings upset you, just release them. If anyone of you is in the same situation like me then you should probably also contact an escort service in Delhi. It may turn out to be your favorable decision, after all it worked for me too.