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An unusual demand of my wife

An unusual demand of my wife

An unusual demand of my wife

My name is Rohan and I live in Delhi. I have a 3BHK flat and live with my wife. We both are working and earning good so we have a very descent lifestyle. As we both drink late till night my wife started discussing about something which her colleague told her that day at office. She told me that her friend and her husband were bored of having sex together but they did not wanted to get into affair with anyone else. So they decided to let someone enter their in between them. I was listening to her but was not at all sure what she is saying as it all looked like cooked up story to me. She said that her colleague hired an escort girl and did a threesome along with his husband. She said that they really enjoyed it and added some color into their black and white boring life. I thought she is going crazy because of the hangover but no she was not as the next morning she showed me the pictures of three of them together kissing each other which her colleague had sent to her and asked not to show it to anyone. I asked her how is that possible and she replied that her friend told her that this is quite normal and all of her friends are doing this. I said the fantasies of people now days lead them to immoral activities but she nodded her head in a disagreeing way. I said what? She said nothing! People are having fun and you stick to your own values.

I gave her a look and asked aren't we having fun? She said yes of course we are having fun all day every day. I could understand the taunt obviously and asked her what do you want then. She came closer and put her hands on my face and said baby I want us to enjoy the sex again just like our first time. I said ok but how we can do it we are now used to each other and there is nothing one can do about this. She said we can do this what my friend and her husband did and now they are extremely happy and satisfied. I told that I do not know about this and give me some time to think about it. Later that night we both did sex and didn't enjoyed much and she was giving me a look every time she was looking at me that I should agree to this.

Impress her by Clothes

To impress women the clothes put a very deep effect on a female mind because with the help of your clothes and dressing style you can impress women quickly and gets her easily. Just wear a good t-shirt or shirt with bold and nice shoes so that she will understand that you are putting all your 100% efforts to impress her.

Next two three days we didn't talk much about it but somewhere I knew she wants me to talk about it. So I asked her during dinner that how will we contact the escort? She asked why would we contact her?

I said I was thinking about your demand and I think we should try it if we do not like it we will not do it again. She said yes of course we will do you say. I called the Delhi escort agency and asked to send a beautiful escort on Friday night. The escort came and we offered her some wine. After having some wine she leaned towards my wife and kissed her. My wife was looking at me as if I have to give her some consent to do that. I just smiled and said go ahead. They both started kissing each other passionately and I was looking at them. Then after few minutes the escort came to me and kissed me too. I enjoyed it and kissed her. Then we all love and each other passionately and did what we intended and frankly speaking I really enjoyed it. After an exhausting sex over night we slept on the same bed. The escort was facing towards my wife and I was hugging her from behind. I never had expected that I will be sleeping with another woman on the same bed where my wife is lying. This was beyond my imagination and I kept enjoying every bit of it. My wife and escort kept kissing each other whole night and were smiling.

I loved it and next morning my wife also said that she loved it. That night bought some exotic moments in our life back and I was thankful to my wife for introducing me to it again. Adding someone to our own privacy sometimes gives so much pleasure which we cannot even imagine. We decided that we will do it whenever we want to do it. It was so much fun. It was unusual but we kind of liked it. So this is my story that how my wife made and unusual demand to me which led us to threesome and made us both happy at the end.