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5 Signs that describe that you still miss her

5 Signs that describe that you still miss her

5 Signs that describe that you still miss her

Here is the thing. After breakup most of the girls and guys move on but sometimes for some guys it is hard to move on. While they will be saying that they have moved on but there are some signs which can tell that they are still stuck with their ex in their mind. While it is not applicable to everybody but we still think these signs can make you aware of the fact that you still love her and that is why you still miss her.

You keep checking her social media profile

If you are the one who keeps checking her social media profile for no reason then you are definitely missing her. If you still follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc then it means you want to stay updated with her and want to know what she is doing. Just like you used to know from her where she is and what she is doing while you were her boyfriend. It is kind of the same thing. The only difference here is that you do not talk to her and don't ask her what is she doing.

Let's talk about how you can impress a girl

You still wake up thinking about her

We know this is something you don't want to listen but if you still wake up in the morning thinking then it shows that you still miss her. Morning is beautiful and we like to make it more beautiful by thinking about something we like to do. No one likes to think about the job or something bad about their life in the morning. You should know that morning brings the best feeling for us and if it comes with her name then it means you still miss her.

You think of her all the time

Everyone is busy in his/her life and you too should be. You also will be having a schedule where other things also need your attention but the question is are you paying attention to all those things or not? If you are physically present in your school, college or workplace and mentally you are still with her. If she roams around with you everywhere you go then it means that u still miss her. When we are thinking about someone whole day without any reason it means we are missing them. It will make it more difficult for you if you keep doing it.

You are rechecking all your texts

It is the height of stupidity we know but this is something we all have done. Checking back all the texts and re reading the best ones is something which makes us feel good. These feel good texts are going to give temporary happiness and eventually will make you sad and you will miss her even more.

You are dying to have her back

Even you try she is not going to come back. If she wanted she would have not left in the first place. But if you were the one who was responsible for the breakup then you can approach her and talk to her. If you believe you cannot live without her then do everything to get her back. If you truly love her then you might be knowing that you will miss her and everyday is going to be the same for you. So stop missing her and start talking to her.
If you think there is nothing you can do now and the time of both of you together has ended then you should probably move on.