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4 Tips on how to impress a girl?

4 Tips on how to impress a girl?

4 Tips on how to impress a girl?

You believe that great looks, cool hairstyle and sexy outfit is what going to fetch you a girlfriend. While this will be working for some lucky ones but there are some more things that matter to a girl if she is going to like you in future. You have tried it all. You have copied the coolest model from Instagram and posted some cool pictures too. But there is something that you need to understand. Impressing a girl doesn't mean that you get her little attention or a like on your picture on social media. You have to get her full attention and impress her then and get convinced that she is now impressed by you.

Are you getting this?

Let's dig deeper into this to understand this in a better way

Impressing a girl is not a situation that fetches you her number. We are talking about dates. When she will be talking to you and you will spend some time with her which she has to remember when she goes back to her home. She needs to think about you or she will not grow any feelings for you.

Let's talk about how you can impress a girl

Wear a genuine smile on your face

If you keep laughing and try to be funny, she is not going to like it. Smart girls like smart guys so please be mature and gentle enough to smile when she is looking at you or when you guys are talking to each other. A genuine smile is what gives people a better feeling rather than a fake one. The best part of it is that initially it is difficult for people to trust each other but when you wear a genuine smile on your face and always do what you say then she is going to trust on you sooner than any other guy you know.

Don't brag about anything

Whatever we are and whatever we have if you don't tell about it still they are going to find it. If you are a good singer then instead of telling her on your first date that you a good singer better sing a song for her after few dates. If you own a Lamborghini, she is going to find it. Believe me it excites people much more they find out themselves something good about you. Do not open all your cards at once. Keep some of the things for later too to make your later meeting also interesting. Girls always get impressed by someone who brings a new thing on table every other day. So the conclusion, don't brag about anything.

Don't be boring

Previous point was to make sure you do not brag about anything and this one is make sure you do not bore her. This is the least thing any guy would like to do if he wants to impress a girl. Nobody likes a boring person no matter what else he has to offer. If you smart, it's cool. If you are rich, it's cool. It you are boring, it's not at all cool. So be interesting. Make her curious to know you more. Make sure she enjoys every moment she spends with you. Make her laugh and excite her by doing stuff she would definitely like. She is going to remember these things when she will be lying on her bed. You have to be crazy enough to impress her and if you fail, you know what's coming then.

Be caring

Men are all caring, we know that but a girl will never know that you are caring unless you show some gestures which prove it. Girls notice very little things which men do not even bother. Do not fake a caring behavior unless you feel the same as she will get to know about it. So next time do make sure you make her comfortable when you both are having dinner. Make sure to ask her if she is ok or how was her day. Make sure to be on the vehicle side while you guys are having a walk. Make sure to offer her your jacket if she is shivering, if it's winter. There are many things you will do unknowingly that you have done it, if you are a caring person. If not then try to develop some caring feelings for people around you.
So these were some of the tips which are going to help you impress a girl while you have cleared the first level. We hope that you liked our tips.